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What if I’ve never done Reformer Pilates before?

That is absolutely fine, we can’t wait to have you in the studio and show you what the fuss is all about! If you are brand new to reformer pilates we advise you that you book into beginners classes for your first few classes.


Beginners classes are great introductory to Reformer Pilates. This is where you will learn all about the springs, the reformer bed and we will talk in depth about all the different exercises.


We also recommend that you come to the studio 10 minutes early to class so we can show you around the studio and the reformer bed.

Do I have to start with a beginner class even though I go to the gym?
Yes, if you have never been on a reformer bed before we highly recommend booking into a beginners class to learn how the spring tension works and to get use to the moving carriage.
What do I wear to class?
Please wear exercise clothes you feel the most comfortable in. Grippy socks are compulsory you can bring these with you or we have socks for you to buy at reception.
Why do I need to wear grippy socks?
Grippy socks are compulsory at the studio for cleanliness and hygiene reasons. The grip in the socks is beneficial to avoid falling or slipping on the reformer.
Can I do pilates if I am pregnant?

We are an evidence-based pilates studio meaning we follow the most current and up to date scientific studies including the Australian Department of Health Pregnancy Guidelines.


Which you can read: https://www.health.gov.au/sites/default/files/2023-11/physical-activity-and-exercise-during-pregnancy-guidelines-brochure.pdf


These guidelines highlight that during pregnancy you should:

  • Be active 7 days a week
  • Do moderate intensity activities for 2.5 - 5 hours a week OR do vigorous intensity activities for 1 - 2.5 hours a week
  • Do muscle strengthening exercises at least 2 days a week
  • Do pelvic floor exercises

Sounds like a good week of Pilates to me!


The guidelines also state that during pregnancy you should avoid:

  • Lying on your back for long periods of time after 28 weeks (try tilting your body on a 45 degree angle or laying on side)
  • Avoid falling (activities that require a high level of balance and coordination)
  • Significant changes in pressure (e.g. sky diving and scuba diving)
  • Heavy lifting (unfortunately our 3kg weights don’t count as heavy lifting)

So throughout the class if you are pregnant we may work with you to ensure that you are not put in a position where there is a possibility of falling and if over 28 weeks we will either provide a pregnancy wedge to prop you up to a 45 degree angle or lay you on your side if we are lying on our backs. Otherwise, let’s concentrate on keeping you strong and moving throughout your pregnancy!


Note that there is no mention to not work your abdominals, it actually even states that strengthening the pelvic floor is a daily importance!


Should I be doing ab curls if pregnant or if I have diastases?


Many instructors mistakenly believe ab curls increase risk of abdominal separation. This is not true.


There are multiple studios showing zero harm to pregnant and postpartum people from ab curls and a recent systematic review found ab curls actually very slightly decrease diastases. Further, pregnant people who do abdominal strengthening during their pregnancy, including abdominal curls, tend to have less diastases and recover more quickly from postpartum


Thinking about the basic anatomy. When the rectus abdominis contracts (e.g. in an ab curl) it pulls itself together, narrowing the abdominal separation.


To read the research yourself, Google

PMID: 37286390

PMID: 36934466


But, the pregnant client next to me is not doing ab curls. Should I still be doing them while I’m pregnant?


Under the guidelines is also a note on keeping the pregnant client as comfortable as possible. As each pregnancy and bump is completely different some movements including laying on your back, single leg work or ab curls my feel more uncomfortable to one pregnant person than the next.


Therefore, at Feels we try to care for each pregnant client as an individual and understand that we may need to modify the exercises differently for each pregnant person in relation to their own body and pregnancy.

When can I come back to Pilates after having a baby?
You can come back to pilates 6 - 12 weeks after giving birth depending on the type of birth you have had. Please consult with your doctor as we require clearance from your doctor before you start.
Can I do Pilates with a previous injury?

Yes, our trainers are highly knowledgable and will be able to cater and modify the exercises to best suit you and your injury. However, if the injury is in an acute stage we recommend that you get physio clearance before coming to a group reformer class.

Can I book a private class?
Yes you can! We offer one on one sessions with a qualified reformer pilates instructor for $100. We also have a package called “Restore your core” which is great for anyone post partum, post injury, post surgery or new to pilates. This includes 1 private session + 3 x beginner classes for $130.
How do the waitlists work?
After you add yourself to the waitlist you will receive a text message confirming you are on the waitlist. If a spot becomes available in the class you will receive a text message letting you know you are in the class where you have to CONFIRM your spot. You will have 2 hours to confirm your spot then it will move down to the next person on the list.
Can I put my membership on hold? How much does it cost?
Yes you can, we charge a fee of $5 a week while your membership is on hold, your membership will pick up where you left off once you are back.
What is your cancellation policy?
We have an 8 hour cancellation policy, if you cancel your class inside of this time you will lose your class credit.
What if my app isn’t showing the right day or bookings?

Every time you go into your app, pull down the screen of your iPhone to refresh your app.

How can I contact the studio?

You can call the studio on 0422 683 823 or email hello@feelspilates.com.au (please avoid messaging us on social media as these can be missed).

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3 classes for $30 over 3 weeks