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What led you to Pilates? I found Pilates about 10 months after having my first baby. I was only 24 years old and my stomach felt really unusual so my doctor booked me into a Physio, the Physio told me I had a 10cm abdominal separation and I would need surgery, so I went home and googled natural treatment and the word “Pilates” kept popping up, I found a little reformer studio in Mona vale back when no one knew what it was and 6 months into my practice, my stomach had improved, my separation was only 1.5cm & my connective tissue in between my separation was strong and supportive. My body had completely transformed and I had such a positive impact on my mental health, I knew I had to share this with everyone so I enrolled in a Pilates course to become a trainer and have never looked back!

What is your favourite thing about Pilates? The flow state! Once I start moving on the mat or the reformer, I get into such a flow that nothing else seems to matter.

What is your workout style? I generally have a more slower, layered, deep muscle burn kind of style but also love to throw in a little heart rate riser.

What is your favourite exercise? A layered lunge, I like to get my clients to the point where their ass feels like it’s going to fall off

What do you prefer to work on? Legs & Butt

What is your favorite workout track? If I’m by myself, f**kin problems by A$AP rocky or Money by Leikeli47. If I’m teaching, my playlists are a bit more of a flight facilities, Rufus du sol kind of vibe


What led you to Pilates? I started attending mat pilates classes at my local gym about 9 years ago, not knowing anything about it and clearly fell in love with everything about Pilates. There is so much to know about Pilates and the fact I can keep learning about the body and movement is what keeps me so intrigued. 

What do you love most about Pilates? I love the thrill of going to a class, having no idea what movements you are going to feel in your body and the influx of endorphins you feel from finally finishing. Pilates has helped me with pain from my past injuries, has given me strength in my body & mind.

What is your workout style? A slow burn with layers to challenge my endurance, with a pinch of cardio! 

What is your favourite exercise? An abdominal series & planks all day baby! 

What do you prefer to work on? Abs & legs.

What is your favourite workout track? 2000s R&B all day & disco tunes.

Feels pilates sam


What led you to Pilates? I grew up with a love of dance and have always had a passion for movement, finding joy in exercising and moving my body daily. I was introduced to pilates as a fitness client and immediately fell in love with it. The concentration of mind body connection in Pilates had me hooked and I knew I had to learn more! 

What do you love most about Pilates? Pilates has taught me so much about my body that I didn’t know. I love leaving a class feeling strong and in control with a lovely little post-pilates glow on my face. 

What is your workout style? I have a strong focus on form, concentrating on that mind body connection with the perfect mix of strength and cardio to ensure you leave the class feeling satisfied.

What is your favourite exercise? Anything that works the obliques! Nothing better than feeling long and lean in your side waist. 

What do you prefer to work on? Full body workout for the win! Get that core shaking, booty burning and arms toning. 

What is your favourite workout track? At this exact moment: SZA – Kiss Me More, Flight Facilities – Lights Up


What led you to Pilates?  I first started pilates as a teenager. I had found it really hard to find a form of exercise where I felt comfortable and confident in my own skin whilst working out. I got into reformer pilates and it was a game changer for me. I realised there would be so many women and men out there with the same issue so that’s when I decided to start my teacher training to not just my personal motivate myself but also to help and encourage others too. 

What is your favourite thing about Pilates? It’s hard to just choose one favourite thing about pilates… but something that resonates with me is the community of like minded people coming together to feel confident and strong whist knowing the importance and benefits behind moving your freely.

What is your workout style? My style of teaching and working out is definitely to focus on the entire body. I love to bring awareness to all body parts but of course with a little bit of a burn in there too.

What is your favourite exercise? Ooo honestly I LOVE anything stretchy. Love long/short spine and a good hip flexor stretch making me feel so long and strong.

What do you prefer to work on?I’d have to say anything glutes, I love the burn and the challenge. 

What is your favourite workout track? Depends on the class! I’ll either have all the girls girls going; Beyoncé, Riri, dua lipa, lily allen. Or I’ll have a total vibe switch and go a little more old school.



What led you to pilates? I was a bit of a clown as a kid, I loved acting and performing and circus skills, especially trapeze. I was never really into traditional fitness, until I found pilates and I just knew I had found my thing! I loved how it was so varied and dynamic and fun! I like the slightly acrobatic elements and the amazing moves you can do on a reformer.

What is your favourite thing about pilates? Definitely the mood elevator! My husband calls it my “pilates face” because I leave the house grumpy and come home with a bright, relaxed and open happy face haha!

What is your workout style? It’s gotta be fun! I like to mix it up, sometimes a slow burn with lots of layers is amazing, sometimes I just want to sweat it out with heavy springs and a power pilates sesh! I guess the one consistency is that I like to flow things together for a smooth transition.

What is your favourite exercise? Ooh. Probably box kickbacks for glutes and hamstrings. Peachy!

What do you prefer to work on? Abs for sure, glutes, and legs. I have found a recent love of spinal extension work too.

What is your favourite workout track? I make new playlists all the time so one day it will be Deep House Bangers and the next day I’m vibing 70s Disco. I love to crank up the volume on the hard bits for a lil boost of energy. It helps!


What led you to Pilates?  I’m a mum of four and run a hair salon, so as you can imagine I’m pretty busy, but never too busy for pilates. After my fourth child it was the only way my stomach separation reduced, my abdominals felt stronger and I loved how it made me feel. I needed to know more about Pilates so I embarked on the next part of my life!

What is your favourite thing about Pilates? I love the connection you get with your body and the burn you get with such a simple movement. Feeling strong is so empowering as a woman & I leave each class feeling amazing.

What is your workout style? I love to start with abs and breath work so you can really connect with your body. Then getting that real booty burn in addition to lengthening the muscles at the same time.

What do you prefer to work? Abs, legs and butt.

What is your favourite workout song? Love a good RnB song. I can get flowing to anything but when teaching I love to mix it up!


What led you to Pilates? After having my second child I didn’t want to spend my time away from my kids doing something I didn’t love. I practiced reformer Pilates several times a week and had a very talented friend (Lauren) in the Pilates industry who convinced me it was the best job in the world – turns out she was right! 

What do you love most about Pilates? Feeling the burn and the way my body feels after a class. 

What is your work out style? I love a high intensity Pilates class – I focus on achieving that burn with just the right amount of strength and cardio to ensure you leave the class sweaty and satisfied.

What is your favourite exercise? Love a plank, side plank, anything abs but can’t beat the feeling of long/short spine! 

What do you prefer to work on? Glutes and abs all the way. 

What is your favourite workout track? Purple hat by dillon Francis


What led you to Pilates? Having worked in the fitness industry since 2016 I’ve always had a love for guiding movement. After I injured my neck a couple of years ago I put down the heavy weights, gave up cross fit and stuck to Pilates. After years of being too scared to move in certain ways, I felt strong, confident and in control again. How could I not share this and teach others? The benefits were ten fold to any other movement I had participated in. I truly learnt the difference between mindful and mindless movement. I felt I needed to go further and deepen my knowledge and learnings and went on to the study the diploma which opened my eyes up even more. I have put roots down with this career path and I couldn’t love it more than I do!

What do you love most about Pilates? The body awareness and inner feeling 100% If you’ve done Pilates you probably know what I’m talking about. There is nothing better than truly feeling and being in control of what’s going on in your body. Our bodies are so divine and intelligent and once you get that mind, body connection it is just the best feeling and I love seeing that with clients it makes me so happy. Also the burn is pretty outta control too!

What is your workout style? I love teaching a slow burn. Layering the foundations and getting creative with where they can go. Getting people to feel grounded and present in their bodies and always making sure to mobilise and wake the spine up to start

What’s your favourite exercise? Teaser up on the box for sure, or anything that challenges my core strength
What do you prefer to work on?
Abs and anything stability for the win.

What’s your favourite workout track? Depends what mood I’m in. Anything with a good groovy beat gets me super pumped up. A lovers holiday by change definitely gets me in the mood no matter what!



What led you to Pilates?
I’ve never been an athletic or sporty person, even as a kid. I tried CrossFit, HIIT gyms and regular gyms and safe to say I hated it all! I either felt completely out of place and uncomfortable or just totally unmotivated and unenthusiastic. Pilates changed that for me. I tried my first class and loved it so I kept going back again and again! I’ve never felt so comfortable, motivated or enthusiastic about any form of physical movement in my entire life. I kind of stumbled into my teaching journey as I started working in the creche at Feels and grew closer to the trainers and clients gaining a community that made me feel confident and connected. I was hating my current studies and felt stuck. Georgie suggested I do my instructor training course, so I did! Safe to say I finally found my thing!

What is your favourite thing about Pilates?
After having two kiddies and having negative experiences with exercise I needed to do something not only for my physical body but for my mental health. I love the confidence and sense of capability it gave me in my own physical body. For the first time I found a form of exercise that I love that didn’t feel like a chore, and had a huge impact on my physical, mental and emotional health. I would have to say my first physical wow experience with Pilates was walking out of class feeling taller (like I literally felt like I grew an inch) and my first mental wow experience was the happy, radiant, energetic feeling as the endorphins flooded my body.

What is your workout style?
I love a dynamic pilates sesh that has your mind so deep in that movement state you forget everything else and before you know it the class is over.

What is your favourite exercise?
Love a plank and pike series!

What do you prefer to work on?
Bum’s and belly’s!

What is your favourite workout track?
I have so many!! Can’t beat a J Lo, Beyoncé, Riri moment. Also love anything flight facilities, disclosure, hayden James. But I would have to say my number one fav right now is Doja Cat.


What led you to Pilates? I started mat Pilates while I was quite young to assist my ballet training and recover from injuries, after a few different injuries I started reformer and fell absolutely in love with it.

What do you love most about Pilates? I love how good you feel after a class, the feeling of moving your body and getting a sweat on. The post Pilates glow is unreal!

What is your workout style? Getting that slow burn, building up those layers reaching the ultimate challenge point. Mix that in with some dynamic, high intensity exercises to get that sweat in. Keeping that flow getting that sweat on.

What’s your favourite exercise? I love a lunge series lots of layers getting those peaches peachy!

What do you prefer to work on? Abs and booty all the way.

What’s your favourite workout track? Currently; afraid to feel by LF system, but love me some rnb, good beats to help distract you from the burn.



What led you to Pilates? I grew up dancing, the ballet studio was where I spent most of my time as a teenager. For me Pilates was the perfect transition from dance, it kept my body and mind engaged. I love the flow and different challenges I get from every class, it’s always interesting and as good as you get, it never gets easier!

What is your favourite thing about Pilates? I love that every class is different and there are endless options to what you can do, especially on the reformer! My absolute favourite thing about Pilates though is how strong it’s made me and how much more aware of my body I am when I work out!

What is your work out style? I like to spice it up, sometimes it’s all about the slow burn and other times it’s a bit more high intensity. Whatever the style I like my clients to come out of class with that Pilates glow, feeling super strong and balanced.

What is your favourite exercise? I love anything in external rotation! I think that’s the ballet dancer in me, but I can’t go past a curtsey lunge and scooter series!

What do you prefer to work on? Glutes, legs and abs!

What is your favourite work out track? Give me anything ABBA and I’ll be happy! I love a good 90’s banger as well.


What led you to pilates? I have been teaching yoga since I was 23, pilates was a natural progression to further my knowledge of movement and the body.

What do you love most about pilates? The accessibility. Pilates is for absolutely everyone; no matter your age, fitness level or if you are working through some injuries. I love that I can have students of various abilities in the same class and give everyone exactly what they need by starting with a simple movement and building upon it for those who are ready to progress.

What is your workout style? I don’t have one. I try to tap into what I feel my body needs on any given day. Some days it’s dialled up, other days I’m seeking something more restorative.

What’s your favourite exercise? A modified vinyasa flow on the reformer. Fluid yet spicy.

What do you prefer to work on? Stability all day, with all the layers to get the whole body working. Never forgetting the booty!

What’s your favourite workout track? Remixed old school. I’m an 80’s child.

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