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All The Feels

All the Feels is our signature class, it is a fusion of deep muscle burn, cardio & stretching for the ultimate full body workout. Expect to be shaking, sweating, and silently cursing our instructors. All levels of fitness welcome!

Strength feels

Think heavy weights and heavy spring tension with an addition of cardio bursts to keep that heart rate firing, every limb will be feeling like jelly! This class is where you will pick up that extra kilo or two of weights to feel that deep muscle burn. With keeping men in mind for this class, it is designed for both women & men to feel how reformer pilates can be used for muscle gain and muscle conditioning. This class is not for the faint hearted!

strength feels
beginner feels

Beginner Feels

We are here for you. Whether you are starting your journey in Pilates, returning back to exercise or just feeling like a slower class, this one is for you! If you have never done reformer pilates before, we recommend at least 4-5 classes before you move into the All the feels class (all levels). Feel free to stay in this class as they are still challenging, just not as dynamic the other classes.

Circuit Feels

Circuit training is a form of body conditioning that involves endurance, resistance and high-intensity aerobics similar to high-intensity interval training. It targets strength building and muscular endurance. Our CIRCUIT FEELS is performed on your own station. We set up your reformer, box & mat area which you move throughout. Exercises are performed in sets with rests, and repeated. Expect a full body workout where time goes super fast!

circuit feels
Feels stretchy

Feels Stretchy

Unwind & flow through stretches to lengthen & release tight muscles. Special focus on hamstrings, glutes, hip flexors & spinal mobility - say farewell to all the day to day pain & stiffness you feel!

Feels Advanced

One for the most experienced of our clients, and not for the faint of heart! Fast flows, advanced modifications, multiple layers and heavy springs to challenge your mind-body connection and achieve that deep burn. We recommend that you have attended at least 30 All the Feels Classes before you attend your first Feels Advanced Class.

feels advanced
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3 classes for $30 over 3 weeks